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“To create a highly liveable and sustainable community that prioritises the people that live there; their health and well-being and overall quality of life.”

This vision is established in the Design Code which also sets out the three key objectives to achieve this vision for Skerningham. The Comprehensive Masterplan has also sort to follow these guiding principles.


Healthy Living:

A strong health and well-being focus, secured by nature led design, and a 20 minute walkable neighbourhood design philosophy in order to encourage walking and cycling.

This objective follows Darlington’s selection as an NHS England Healthy New Town – one of 10 sites in the country chosen to take forward principles to improve health and wellbeing.


Development will embrace the latest technologies in relation to energy, climate change objectives and digital communication. As the build out of the development will take place over an extended period of time, it will continue to adapt to the rapidly changing technology to meet this objective.

Sense of Place:

Skerningham will have a strong identity and sense of place. Architecturally, the layout and appearance of development should be distinctive to Darlington.

It is also recognised from the consultation process that the local communities place high value on access to nature and wildlife and spaces for social interaction. Existing Public Rights of Way will be retained and enhanced along with the provision of new routes towards Community Woodland to the north of the site.

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