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Illustrative Masterplan

This plan presents an illustrative masterplan for Skerningham.

Illustrative Masterplan

Illustrative Masterplan
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Following Darlington Golf Club’s decision to remain in its current location, this follows Figure 4.2 in the Local Plan. This has an impact on the capacity of the site which would mean a total development in the region of 3,700 dwellings.

The Draft Comprehensive Masterplan includes a suite of parameter plans in Section 4 of the document which provide guiding principles in relation to:

  • Green and Blue Infrastructure (along with the management and maintenance of these spaces)

  • Access and Movement (including sustainable travel principles)

  • Land Uses

  • Density and Building Heights

Sections 5 and 6 of the masterplan document provide further detail in relation to the Design and Character of the development and Infrastructure Requirements associated with the development at Skerningham.

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