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This website relates to proposals at Skerningham Garden Village. The consultation on the draft Comprehensive Masterplan has now ended and we are processing the comments.

What is Skerningham?

Skerningham is an allocation in the Darlington Local Plan, on the northern side of the town, now comprising a development of approximately 3,700 dwellings, including a neighbourhood centre, health hub, school(s) and other supporting infrastructure.

Skerningham is also a designated Garden Village following the announcement by the Government on 27 June 2019.

What is the purpose of this consultation?

Policy H 10 (Skerningham – Site Allocation (Strategic Policy), the Local Plan policy most relevant to the allocation of the site, states that a Comprehensive Masterplan including an Infrastructure Phasing Plan should be prepared by the applicant(s) prior to the submission of any planning application relating to the site. It also states that the Comprehensive Masterplan should be based on the design approach and principles established in Darlington Borough Council’s Design Code. 

The Council recently adopted a Design Code on 28 September 2023, which follows the community consultation workshops that took place in 2022.


The adoption of the Design Code has allowed progress and consultation on the Draft Comprehensive Masterplan to follow. This consultation is an opportunity to view and provide comments on the draft document, ahead of it being finalised.

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